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Graded Syllabus white- Black Belt with Strikes from a variety of Martial Arts Styles.






Sprint Kickboxing

(Freestyle Kickboxing and Sports Martial Arts)

  Sprint Kickboxing is regularly tested in competition which means it’s up to date and effective.

Freestyle Kickboxing

Freestyle kickboxing was created so traditional Martial Arts styles such as Karate and Taekwondo could compete against one another. Now it is widely practised and has evolved and entered many domains such as competitive MMA.

Freestyle Kickboxing is a graded system from white belt to black belt. It contains the kicks and strikes from, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kungfu. The techniques in the Sprint Kickboxing syllabus are used world wide competitively.

Sprint Kickboxing

Sprint Kickboxing is freestyle kickboxing broken into a fusion of two combat styles. Western Kickboxing and Points Kickboxing, both styles are taught in two separate syllabuses and then combined into two grading systems which gives the chance for each student to aim for two black belts in kickboxing.

Our freestyle syllabuses are regularly updated with new techniques and fighting methods.  Sprint Kickboxing was founded by Alex Campbell who has spent over 18 years of his life practising, studying, teaching, and competing in both styles. Both styles have served him well complementing each other, baffling and beating those that have only studied one. Both styles allow each student to express themselves in variety of ways.

Western kickboxing offers combat boxing techniques with flair and dynamic kicks which are seen in many styles such as Taekwondo and karate. The Points Kickboxing / sports martial arts contains blocks and strikes seen from many kung fu styles and expressive kickboxing styles such as french Savate. For further info please look further into the styles, Western KickBoxing and Points Kickboxing



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