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The beginner programme has been created to give all new students the foundations that they need to learn martial arts with Sprint Martial Arts. The programme  group is taught separately from the other courses by a sprint instructor to ensure that all beginners get the necessary attention to progress.  This programme is great for people who have not studied martial arts before or who have but not for a while.

The programme gives students training in fitness, self defence, coordination, flexibility and much more!

The beginner programme allows students to learn at their own pace and challenge themselves to their level.

Students learn martial arts skills which are tailored to meet their age range and capabilities. They learn how to develop their general fitness and leadership skills.

 • Taught exclusively by Sprint Instructors

 • Age specific available to Juniors and Adults

 • Fitness, Self defence, physical conditioning

• Regular Grading  first two belts

• Classes available 3  or more days a week, each 60 minutes long

• Modern martial arts based on forms, defence and strikes. Contact & non contact options.


Adults  Kickboxing And Martial Arts Classes

14 years plus



Simon Gladman

“I've been attending Sprint Martial Arts for about a year and at the risk of sounding cliched I can honestly say it's been life changing. Its friendly, supportive, collaborative environment has really motivated me to push myself and even at my grand old age of 43, I feel more fit, more flexible and more fantastic than ever before. The regular gradings mean there's always an achievable goal to look forward to and the atmosphere created by both the instructors and fellow students is amazing”