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About Points Kickboxing

Points Kickboxing is also known as Sports Karate, Points Fighting, Semi Contact and Freestyle kickboxing.

Over the years it has been called many different names as the sport has evolved. We call it Points Kickboxing because we approach it from a kickboxing perspective. When competing, it is widely known as Points Fighting.

Points fighting includes all striking styles such as Taekquondo, Karate, Kungfu, Kickboxing, Nin Jitsu, and many more. Its very popular because almost any style can take part and compete.

The rules are simple, the first person to strike and make contact is awarded a point. The scoring is different for each technique: one point for a hand technique, two  points for a head or jumping body kick and three for for a jumping head kick.

The rules may change from competition to competition, but generally speaking the areas to aim for to score a point are the head and torso.

 What is good about Points scoring?

It is great for self defence! As most Martial Art techniques are too dangerous to practise for real, the system allows us to develop excellent reactions and timing to deliver techniques that are unlikely to injure. For example a Karate fighter cannot chop a competitor in the neck because it is too danger, but it is possible to use a ridge hand instead. The technique is replaced but the Martial Artist is still learning application in combat.

Live in the moment!

Points Fighting is a reaction based sport and therefore encourages fighters to live in the moment and make the first move. If you wait for your competitor to strike first they may gain a point that puts you behind.

 Develop skill  and precision

Points teaches students to pick clean and accurate shots as well as avoid, parry, counter and intercept attacking shots.

Many combat styles appreciate when a competitor can place strikes with accuracy and precision. Points Fighting is a demonstration of skill, so attacks which are deemed as uncontrolled are, in most tournaments, excluded from scoring and are penalised.

Point scoring is a great system for all shapes, sizes and ages to practise because it can easily be controlled by the referees and instructors. You will also receive constant advice from the referees as to what is working well for you and what you should improve on. This allows constant student development in Points Fighting.

The Syllabus

Points Kickboxing is a graded system from White to Black Belt. The syllabus is designed to teach basic techniques at a high level of skill. The syllabus also includes many techniques used widely in the competitive circuit.

The syllabus contains blocks and strikes from Karate and conditioning and creative strikes from Kungfu. Kicks from Taequando and techniques from Boxing are also included.

Sprint Martial Arts uses a Point Kickboxing syllabus because it approaches Kickboxing from a Western Kickboxing perspective. Any additional techniques which are used in competitions are scrutinised by Sprint Instructors and added to  the syllabuse.

We call the Syllabus freestyle because Points Kickboxing contains many styles of Martial Arts and cannot be limited to one, as many techniques and fighting methods are shared between styles. The syllabus is constantly reviewed and improved where necessary.

Points Kickboxing / Sports Martial Arrts

Examples of Great Points Fighters

Raymond Daniles,Robbie Huges,Chuck Norris