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The leadership programme is our next step up from the beginners programme. We structure the classes as a course with the main goal of becoming a Sprint Ma Black Belt in Freestyle kickboxing and Sports Martial Arts. Each leadership class is structured to target different areas of the syllabus. These class options are:

The leadership programme gives students the option to attend sparring classes or not. Sparring is not compulsory but we recommend that students do to get the most from their training.

Leadership classes take place during normal class times. The attendance which is required is a minimum of once a week. Students who are able to attend more will increase their speed of reaching Black Belt

How long does it take to reach Black Belt?

We at Sprint Martial Arts like to make a partnership with our students, meaning if they show up we will get them to black Belt. On average if a students attends twice a week a black belt can be achieved within 4-4.5 years. With more attendance its possible to reach a black belt within 3 years.

What is the Black Belt Grading?

Students have two options of obtaining their Black Belt. These two options are a 4 hour technical exam or a 8 X 2 rounds of sparring.  Each option has proved to be very intense and has made many great black belts.

What is a Sprint Black Belt?

We are not looking to create super heroes or the next Bruce Lee but competent martial artists. A competent Black Belt will have a good command of the syllabus and be able to demonstrate and execute every technique to a pass grade level. A Sprint Black Belt must be able to demonstrate that they can protect themselves to a reasonable level. Reasonable means they are far more competent at self protection as when they first started.

What happens after Black Belt?

Once Black belt level has been achieved the journey towards mastery begins. Achieving mastery is a life long pursuit. Most styles consider mastery level to be achieved after 30 years of practice. Students who have achieved their black belt will have specialist areas like great kicks, movement, or powerful punches. True Black belts will look to reinforced those skills and then look to build In the areas that  are yet to be mastered. The Instructor Programme is a great way to sharpen and work towards mastery.

Leadership Programme



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