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What's good about Western kickboxing?

The rules make it fun and reduce the chance of injury, although like in most combat sports, injury's can happen. The rules of Western Kickboxing make the sport accessible to many and allow practitioners to spar and compete regularly. This means a high level of skill and fitness can be achieved! Nine out ten Sprint Kick boxers practise the sport on a amateur level.

Its good for fitness and Self Defence

The sport encourages practitioners to use a high frequency of hand and leg techniques which gives a cardiovascular workout, the more limbs in action the more calories burned! Western Kickboxing is a Martial Art that gives confidence to it’s students.  

Why is western kickboxing a Martial Art?

Western kickboxing and The techniques practised and performed are those that are used in many different styles of Martial Arts and have been used in warfare hence the term ‘Martial’ Arts. Translated this literally means ‘Art Of War’.

Discipline, respect, focus, confidence, leadership, perseverance and a positive attitude are skills that are developed and maintained within the art. Competitors can be disqualified for showing disrespect! Bowing and respect to fellow competitors is a regular occurrence at kickboxing classes and tournaments. All these aspects qualify that art as ‘Martial’.

Sprint Western Kickboxing

Sprint Western Kickboxing is Freestyle Kickboxing which is practised by many organisations such as WAKO, ISKA, IKO and many more. It has a graded system of 9 belts from white to black Belt.

The syllabus contains blocks and strikes from Karate and conditioning and creative strikes from Kungfu. Kicks from Taekwondo and techniques from Boxing are also included.

Sprint Martial Arts uses a Western Kickboxing syllabus because it approaches Kickboxing from a Western Kickboxing perspective. Any additional techniques which are used in competitions are scrutinised by Sprint Instructors and added to  the syllabuse.

We call the Syllabus freestyle because Kickboxing contains many styles of Martial Arts and cannot be limited to one, as many techniques and fighting methods are shared between styles. The syllabus is constantly reviewed and improved where necessary.

Examples of  great Western Kickboxers from different disciplines

Raymond Daniels ,Benny the Jet, Vitali Klitschko, Stuart Laweson


Western Kickboxing is also known as Freestyle, Continuous or American Kickboxing and was created around the 1970’s. It shares many techniques with Western Boxing, the main difference between the two being that Western Kickboxing allows kicks above the waist. Eastern or Oriental Kickboxing such as Muay Thai, Muay Boran and Japanese Kickboxing allow more strikes and have less rules than Western Kickboxing.  

You can compete in Western Kickboxing on mats or in a Ring. Generally Light Contact fights where controlled strikes are allowed are held on mats. Full Contact fights, which use a scoring system or points similar to Amateur Boxing, are held in a the ring.  The most popular story about how Western Kickboxing evolved is that Karate practitioners decided to compete in a ring with boxing techniques and use kicks as well to test there skills.

Kickboxing and combat sports evolve regularly. We are now seeing Kickboxing bouts held in Rings, Cages, Circular Mats or Square Mats. Each time a rule or arena is changed, the combat sport develops.

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