Sprint Martial Arts LLP OC356848

Alex Campbell is the chief instructor, founder and Senior Partner of Sprint Martial Arts LLP, he made martial arts his life obsession in into a full time profession. Alex has been teaching for over 12 years  and  has taught over a 1000 students. Alex has also had a television role as a contestant on sky one’s fight school were competed against 1000’s of would be contestants to go to china and be one of the ten from the UK to compete on the show. Alex has been a competitive fighter for 15 years, competing in styles such as Sports Karate, Light contact kickboxing, full contact kickboxing and now amateur boxing with the goal of turning pro in the near future. Alex Has also been in several British and English national teams for Sports karate and Kickboxing.  Alex enjoys teaching anybody who wants to learn and loves taking white belts all the way to Blackbelt and beyond!

Wako British Championships 2012 Gold             Combat magazine grand champion 2006 and 2007

Wako British Championships 2013 Silver            WPKA 4x Bronze medallist

Wako English Kickbioxing Title 2007                  2 x BSMAP Double Grand champion 2004

Multiple Cimac Superleague Champion              Styles Studies

Watford open winner 2013                              Kickboxing, Lau Gar Kungfu, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Ju jitsu, MMA, Sports Karate

Cimac alstars  challenge champion 2012

For more information on Alex visit his website www.coachcampbell.co.uk